Training and Nutrition Packages


What to expect: The best of both worlds.  Take advantage of our training and nutrition program to ensure success in all aspect of fitness.  Dominate the gym while nourishing your body with the proper vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.  This program includes all aspects of our training program: Your trainer will design a specialized training program based on your specific goals, whether it’s weight loss, athletic performance, or overall health.  You will receive a 4- or 12-week progressive cardiovascular and resistance-training program with sets, repetitions and wight recommendations along with exercise video tutorials to ensure you know exactly what exercises to perform.  This program also includes all aspect of our nutrition program: Our trainers incorporate the nutritional concept of “Flexible Dieting” into your plan.  Flexible dieting is a nutritional concept that allows you a budget of calories and macronutrients (carbohydrates, fats, and proteins) each day.  Your trainer will establish a starting nutrition budget for you.  How you choose to empty your budget is completely up to you.  

Self-guided Program: Feeling comfortable enough to go about it on your own? Then this plan is for you! Includes progressive cardio and resistance-training program, initial calorie/macro split, sample meal plan-based on your likes/dislikes, nutrition guide and recipes, and recommended starting grocery list. 

12 Week Training and Nutrition Program $209

Coaching Program:  Looking for more accountability? Then this is the perfect package!  Includes amenities of self-guided program in addition to weekly check-ins with your trainer and adjustments to your program as needed. Unlimited phone, email and text support. 

12 Week Training and Nutrition Program $299
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